Happy Social Work Month

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On the plane en route to the conference this year, I thought this might be my last year presenting at the NASW-LA conference. I also was considering not renewing my contract with Continuing Education as a presenter. As I wrap up this week, I am deeply humbled and grateful from all the love I received during the breaks and after my presentations this week.

One of my practicum supervisors from Overton Brooks VA Medical Center attended my workshop on Wednesday and Thursday. She expressed that she was extremely proud of me and my professional growth in the field. Meeting the students and reminded me of why I am doing this. It was a great feeling to receive positive feedback and students requesting to contact me about being their mentor.

I am grateful for my family (Mom, Cynthia, Audria, Cyrille, Christopher, Rhani, Danisha, Meghan, & Carey) that love and supports me no matter what. It’s a great feeling to look in the crowd and see your mother smiling in excitement. This week reminded me of why I became a social worker. As I continue my professional journey, I am learning that real success comes in small portions day by day.

Do you remember why you chose a certain profession?

I am a social worker because I have always been a proponent for helping others in any manner that I can. In 2005, I began my journey to become a social worker because of my desire to positively affect the lives of others ethically, legally, and morally. For me, no day is ever the same in the life of a social worker, but I enjoy the daily challenges and the environment to use my analytical skills on a consistent basis. I appreciate this profession as it allows reaching those individuals who are in need of guidance and encouragement in their lives.

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