Daily Inspiration

I think I missed a couple of daily inspirations on last week due to my schedule. I am back and with a lot on my mind. I am currently learning that it is okay to not know sometimes. 

Sometimes we think we want the next best thing or what we think our lives will look like down the road. That’s okay. If the answer is I don’t know, then say it.  

Sometimes the reason we don’t know is that it would be too difficult, too confusing for us right now. It would take us out of the present moment, cause us to worry and stress about how we could change, or control it or what we have to do to make it happen. Knowing would make us afraid.

Sometimes our hearts know, but it’s just not time for our conscious minds to know yet. Sometimes knowing would take us out the experience we need to go through to discover the answer we’re seeking.

And sometimes the process of learning to trust, the process of going through an experience and coming to trust that we ultimately discover our own truth, is more important than knowing.

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