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Sometimes it hits you instantly and at that moment you begin to realize that enough is enough. This morning I woke up and said a prayer and thought about letting some people and situations go.

Saying no is another way of saying when. Sometimes it is the hardest word in the language to speak is the short, simple word no especially with family and close friends. Instead of saying no, we toil on. What will he think if I say no? A good Christian needs to sacrifice himself. Saying no is selfish. And the list goes on.

We abuse ourselves, take on more than we want, and find ourselves bitter and resentful. And we’ve done it to ourselves. It is important to know your limits. Know when to say no. There may be a few people who are offended by the limits that you set, but usually those are the ones trying to control or manipulate you.

I am learning on a daily basis that my ultimate responsibility is to myself. As I am getting older I am realizing that sometimes you just outgrow certain people. Don’t try to fix or repair it, just accept it and move on.

Also, I am learning that responsibility includes knowing how and when to set limits. Look at your schedule. Are you overloaded or booked that you can’t see when you could have any time for fun, relaxing, or your own personal growth? It may be time for you to start setting limits.

Remember, you get to decide what’s best for you. Learn to say no and stand by your choice. My Wednesday morning revelation I wanted to share with you. As I continue to grow personally, I will continue to pray that God will help me to continue to have strength to set reasonable limits for myself and to tell others when I cannot help them. Help me learn to say no.

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