Daily Inspiration (TGIF)

We have made it through another week of July. I am sure that something has transpired this week that made you unsure and here we are at Friday. Whatever situations that you may be dealing with infuse healing energy into yourself, into your being. For too long, we’ve been attracted to things that drain us, exhausting our emotions, mental, spiritual, and our physical.

I have been dealing with a few stressors and I’ve made sure I have been utilizing several healing resources. After a long day of stress I will light some candles, and grab some wine. I will run me a bath and leave everything outside of my bathroom. Last weekend I spent a few hours at the beach relaxing, and absorbing the sun. Thursday has become my relaxation day starting with a haircut, and followed by a massage.

If you can’t slow down long enough to absorb energy the first time, do it a second time, and a third time. Absorb revitalizing energy until you can hear your voice, hear your heart tell you what to feel good, what would bring you peace, what would bring stillness and joy. Before long doing what brings healing and joy will become a natural as it used to be to do what drains, tires, depletes, and exhausts.

Healing is all around you. Wherever you are whatever your resources, healing, energy, and joy are there.

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