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Sometimes we need to start over—-in work, in love, in our place of residence, in creating our lives. Sometimes we have to start again when we least expect it, and sometimes it may seem unfair.
We may end relationship, move, start a new job, start a new career, or begin an entirely different part of our lives, a part so different we don’t recognize it as being connected to the earlier ones. It’s new. We’re new. Life is new. We’re starting over again.

Sometimes it feels like we’re starting from scratch. While we may feel a sense of excitement about this new beginning, we may also harbor a sense of dread. Not again. Not one more time. I can’t deal. That reaction is understandable. We become tired, scared. We feel uncertain.

It is important to honor all your feelings, all your emotions. Remember all your lessons. Clear the way to your heart. Then make a decision.

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