Daily Inspiration (TGIF)

Good morning (TGIF),

Courage lies in the simple things as well as the grandiose. It’s fun and easy to speculate about how we would respond in our dreams. Do you have the courage to live your life, to walk your path every day, right where you are?

Sometimes it takes more courage to the ordinary things in life than it does to walk to the door of the airplane and jump. I was sitting in bed last night paying bills for August, and I was thinking it takes courage to pay the bills. It takes courage to get up for work, support your family, and walk the path that you have been given to walk. We all need courage to do things that scare us and sometimes to do the thing that doesn’t scare us, over and over again.

I am not perfect and on a daily basis I am praying to God: please grant me the courage to the right thing in my relationships, in my career, and in my spiritual growth. Please give me the courage to live my life.

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