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Personally, I’ve been dealing with some disappointments and hurt. I’m not one to share my personal business, but I had to ask God for some wisdom, clarity, and guidance. It comes a time in everyone’s life where they need help beyond a therapist, family, or friends.

When asking God for things be careful of your request because he will reveal the answers. We may want our emotional wounds to be healed, we may avoid the healing process. We fear the pain we’ll experience as we expose wounds that we buried long ago, or we fear God’s responses to those wounds.

However, God understands all our fears. And as we take them to God, one fear at a time, God slowly and thoroughly drives out our fears while healing our wounds. I’ve been bruised, but I’m not broken. If you can’t handle yourself at your worst, nobody will want to be around to see you at your best.

Do you define yourself by your strength or your pain?

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