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Simple tasks can take us back to the rhythm, the way of life we’re seeking. How often we think we don’t want to be bothered with doing laundry, and paying bills. We have other things to do, more important tasks to accomplish on this journey. But doing the ordinary things doesn’t take us away from the rhythm we’re seeking. These tasks are the rhythm.

The simple tasks are important not just because they need to be done. The simple tasks are the microcosm of how our lives work. They keep us grounded in reality, they remind us of what’s real, and they show us the true meaning of being independent.

On Saturday, I will be doing laundry, dishes, decorating my house, and paying my bills for the month of September. Yes, I have a cleaning lady that comes once a month and helps with the deep cleaning, but these tasks help to restore and maintain order around me, and I feel the order in my soul. It is important to create beauty around you, and you’ll feel the beauty in your soul.

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