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Before leaving on a weekend getaway, I was talking with a good friend about not being happy with their current job, salary, and location. So my friend posed the question: “How do you find the courage to apply for new jobs in another city, and once you get them you move without hesitation?”

For me, I have never been one to become comfortable, and complacent. I was sitting at home last night thinking since I’ve graduated from Graduate school I have moved a total of five times. I wanted to purchase a home since 2009, I was pre-approved and started looking but it wasn’t the right time because I lost my job temporarily at LSU Medical School.

When I moved to Kansas to work at the VA hospital, I knew that wasn’t where I wanted to purchase a home. Walking through my home I am always thanking God for his many blessing and for always being everything that I have needed him to be and more. No matter how hard you try, to plan your life you never know the road you will end up. Once you accept yourself unconditionally, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable you begin to feel, no matter where you are.

We may have tricked ourselves into thinking our security came from outside ourselves-that we needed certain family members, other people or places, needed certain objects or items around us, or had to live our lives in a particularly way to feel secure. But relying on things and people outside ourselves provide a false sense of security. False security will be shown for what it is.

There’s a security, a true safety, available to us all, no matter who we are, where we are, or what we’re doing. That security comes from accepting ourselves. The security comes from trusting ourselves, trusting our hearts, our wisdom, and our connection with God. Once we accept ourselves unconditionally, no matter where we are it will feel like home.

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