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As a health care professional, I am aware of many causes of stress in our lives, from toxins in the air to problems related to love, money, self-esteem, or work. One subtle problem that can cause undesirable stress, an area we often overlook, is when people direct negative energy at us.

We can learn to become aware of, and protect ourselves from, undesirable negative energy that others may unconsciously, or even consciously, be directing toward us-whether they’re feeling angry, resentful, jealous, or downright hateful. We don’t have to absorb the impact of that energy, and let it harm us.

Each morning before starting my day I take time to read something positive, and a few scriptures to make sure that my day starts on a positive note. We can freeze negative energy. We can mentally tell it to stop and refuse to take it in and make it ours.

People are energy. Thoughts are energy. Part of loving ourselves is not ingesting toxins. Negative energy is toxic. Don’t stress others out by sending negative energy to them. Learn to tell when negative energy is stressing you.

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