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This past weekend was very emotional for me visiting my friend. I recall holding it together during our visit, and getting in my car afterwards crying a lot on the way back. After our visits, I noticed that I was crying after our visits because it made me sad to hear that his friends haven’t been to see him.

I needed to pull myself together and do something to cheer myself up while I was in Detroit. My friend offered me tickets to attend Cedar Point on Sunday. I haven’t been to the park since my birthday last year. This park holds a lot of memories from my young adulthood.

On Sunday, I decided to attend so I could cheer myself up and think about my relationship with Chris. I met Chris at this park 13 years ago in the summer of 2001 at the bus stop. Since that day we remained in contact after I returned to Northwestern, and he went back to Jackson State University.

I’ve never attended an amusement park during the winter season. Driving to the park and riding the roller-coasters, I had time to think about a lot of things. I am not one to question God, or to have regrets in life. As I am getting older I am realizing sometimes things happen. Things we didn’t expect. Things we didn’t plan on.

An event occurs that change our life dramatically. The event may be good or bad, desirable, or undesirable, fortunate, or unfortunate. No matter how we describe it, its impact is the same. We step off our usual path and go for a roller coaster ride. You may have begun a time of deep transformation, a journey chosen by your soul.

Feel all you need to feel. Allow your thoughts to flow. Let your body shift as go through the curves of lives. Let yourself be transformed. Enjoy the ride, the entire experience, with all its twists and curves. Scream in fear if you need that. Cry out in joy. If you need to laugh, that is fine as well. If you find yourself on a roller coaster, turn it into the ride of your life. We take so many things for granted in our lives.

As I boarded my flight, I realized that things we take for granted, someone else is praying for. Life is precious. Don’t take it for granted. I have a million things going, but I try to make time to show people how I feel versus telling them. Real friends can show you more than you can see. If I consider you a friend or family then you will not ever guess about my feelings for you.

Have a blessed weekend!

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