Stop holding onto people that have you on hold…..

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Blogging allows me the opportunity to relax and take a break from my normal routine. It is very stress relieving when I’m able to write about my journey. The beautiful thing about reflection is you have time to evaluate yourself and relationships.

When I get stuck in a thought, a feeling, or a relationship, and I am confused about how to get unstuck, I start to evaluate myself. I take the time to observe myself without judgment or reproach. This can be a powerful tool for change. I pay attention to what I say, what I think, how I’m feeling, how I act, and how I’m reacting. It is important not to judge but observe.

Recently, I started to reflect on a few relationships that mean a lot to me. I can remember at one point I was really close to certain individuals, and I am not sure what caused the division. One relationship, in particular, I have been praying about for some time.

After several years, I decided to express my feelings about a multitude of feelings I have had over the years. I wanted to reach out to mend things. After discussing things in great detail, we were able to apologize and agree to work on our relationship going forward. Self-evaluation is important because we need to evaluate ourselves and see what are you bringing to the relationship and if you can make some improvements.

I’ve made the decision that I am not going to continue to carry the weight of relationships that are not balanced. I am going to stop holding onto people that have me on hold. I’ve agreed to make an effort to mend the relationships that are worth mending. I’ve been reflecting on my life and focusing more on living for today and enjoying life while I can.

As adults, we are supposed to evolve and grow. I enjoy helping and caring for others and making sure I reach out by visiting, texting, calling, and hosting events to foster relationships. Some people only want to receive. Then you have people with a thousand excuses as to why they are not providing anything in the relationship. Meanwhile, I’m thinking to myself, I have several jobs, a personal life, and yet I still make time to cultivate relationships. Relationships are supposed to be balanced.

From this point forward I am going to focus on the people who appreciate what I bring to the table. As I continue to grow, I am learning that it is perfectly fine to know when it’s time to stop or when my giving has become destructive. I care more about my relationship with my inner being than anything else. If I am not in alignment with myself, I have nothing to offer anyone.

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