May the work I've done speak for me: 

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There comes a time in every adult’s life where they must be honest and in tune with their true feelings.

A couple of weekends ago I was having a pity party for myself because I was in class on Saturday and Sunday at a CBT certification course. Next weekend I will be working on speaking engagements. The weather is getting warmer and everyone is enjoying the outdoors, and I will be working.

I started to think about the time when will I get the chance to enjoy my weekends and after work sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor. During this same class, I was texting with one of my friends, and he asked me the question “are you happy? You are always working.”

I had to take a few seconds to think about his question before answering. I replied to him “are you asking me if I am happy because I have a lot of things I am currently working on at the moment?” I explained to him that my goal in life is to make sure the work I have done speaks for who I am as a person. When I leave this earth, I want to ensure I used my entire God given talents.

After really thinking about his question I realized that I am taking this course because more certifications equals more opportunity. Growing up my parents instilled in me the importance of working and having multiple strings of income or as my dad would say “multiple hustles.”

Then I also realized I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. I have a home I love, the potential to take care of all of my needs, and the majority of my wants. The horizons are high and I will be able to enjoy other things even more once I set myself up for the future. But the fruits are currently being enjoyed.

Celebrating yourself is important!!! Don’t limit your radiant self-expression. You encourage others to shine brightly through your examples. There will be haters and people telling you that you can’t accomplish things. My favorite one was when people told me I would never pass through army boot camp. I am going on four years in the Army as an officer.

I have learned over the years I can’t share my joy with everyone but only with people whom I know will celebrate with me. Then there are times when I am working silently and systematically on things and I share my joy with God by being grateful for happiness!

To have success, we have to be willing to sacrifice late nights, early mornings, and weekends. As we mature we tend to have more associates and our circle of friends becomes smaller.

Recently a coworker encouraged me to apply to be a speaker for a company. I thought about it for a while and then I started to doubt myself. I worried that I have not been in the field long enough to compete on the same level as the other presenters.

I had to remember why I started this journey. I started presenting seven years ago because I was tired of hearing the same boring styles of presentations and I wanted to see and hear something different. I submitted my proposal to several places and presented for no charge. I did this for several years before I started receiving compensation.

I began to think about what my support system would tell me in times like this.

  • God did not give you the spirit of fear
  • I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me
  • Stay humble but always ask God for your wisdom
  • Always remember God placed you in that position so that you can deposit seeds into others.

I know that if I’m operating at my full potential, there is no one better than me. I am the expert on my research. When you trust your skills fully then no one will be able to intimidate you. I decided to send my information and apply for to speak. A week later I received an email to set up a phone interview to discuss the research proposal I submitted. The phone interview went well and they want me to proceed with the hiring process.

Michael’s Advice: Utilizing your entire God given talents is necessary. I have several projects that I am currently working on at the moment. Don’t let any of your skills, goals, or dreams go to waste. It is important to put everything that was placed inside of you back into the universe.

Whatever it is you are scared to try, do it anyway: writing your first book, becoming a makeup artist, getting your masters, or Ph.D., opening your private practice, opening a boutique, starting your own business. Your greatness could be wrapped inside.

Bloom where you are planted and stop waiting for the right time. There is always someone who will be watching the seeds grow into beautiful flowers. In reality, whatever skills, or goals that have been planted inside of you is not for you, but for someone else. A few people are taking notes, copying, and looking up to you but will never tell you.

You have an audience! Your story is the key that unlocks someone else’s prison. Share your testimony with someone.

You will never know the power you possess until you release it into the universe. How we spend our time determines if we are moving toward or away from our goals. You might have an 9-5 job, but you can still allocate time towards your goals, dreams, and talents.

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