This morning I was reading my daily word before starting my day at work. I haven’t blogged in a few months because I have been busy enjoying life. Before I went to bed last night I thought I am exhausted and I have to be at work in the morning, but I glanced over and I felt a great feeling coursing through my veins. I felt happiness, love, peace, and excitement about a lot of things and what the future holds.

My patients ask me all the time “How do I find peace, joy, love, and happiness in my life?” Changing yourself is a skill, a decision, and a process. All three of these usually take time. Continue to remove old, negative feelings and outdated beliefs. Stay committed to healing and discovering your soul, even when you question if it is worth it.

Love yourself. Love others. Self-love comes from understanding even the deepest and most painful parts of our story and loving it. Self-love is important because when we fall in love with ourselves, we allow other people to love us because we deserve it.

When we choose us, we meet other individuals who choose themselves, and they make our lives and our mornings ever so much brighter even if you are not a morning person like me.

Therapist Corner: Stay committed to your personal growth process until you can smile at night before falling asleep and ask yourself, what is that strange feeling? Then know what the answer is. The answer is joy!

We are all entitled to more fulfillment, joy, love, and meaning in life because they are limitless in supply. Happiness is the seasoning; fulfillment is the meal.


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