Loving Mr. or Mrs. Wrong 

Yesterday, Sophia Jones and I were having a broad discussion about love, life, growth, and evolving. The conversation was so good that the time slipped away, and the next thing I know I was receiving a phone call that my date was downstairs waiting. I wasn’t dressed and was going to be late for dinner and the Brian McKnight concert lol!

A brief summary of our discussion is how it is confusing that individuals continue to choose people who are unavailable or consistently pick people who will never love them. We had the realization that it will never be a happy ending if we continue to select the same individuals.

Therapist Corner: As we mature on this journey of life we began to understand that our wants and needs should be evolving as we grow.

In reality, with maturity, our lives should be shifting toward new directions, people, and priorities. Change isn’t something that is easy, but its necessary to evolve. The key to love is finding someone who can love all of your imperfections, and allow them to love you.

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