Cyber bullying!!! & Time Management 

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After watching my sister’s video, please like and share the video because it has an excellent message. It made me think about some personal things in my own life. After watching the video and reading all of the posts on social media yesterday, I thought everyone’s a critic, except the people who do stuff or when it’s their mom, sister, aunt, friend, or brother.

After watching the video, I started thinking about myself. It is exquisite that individuals take the time to think about how something resonates within us. It is easier to point the blame towards someone else. Yes, we are all guilty of gossiping, bullying, or expressing our personal opinion or problems at some point, but when you learn better, you do better.

I have a lot of personal opinions about various things, but when you are a licensed provider, an officer in the United States Military, and a Federal employee, you understand about respect and expressing your personal opinions on social media.

I have noticed that I have limited my time on Facebook because it has started to remind me of Twitter. I stopped going on Twitter because I saw that it was starting to become real messy, and everyone was throwing shade at someone. Facebook was a place where I was able to keep in touch with my family and friends because I live a great distance from everyone and do not get home often as I would like.

Now, when I log onto social media (Facebook), I have noticed that it has become real messy, and people are throwing shade. Other things I have seen is that Facebook has become more about impressing others, and people believe that you are doing great things in your professional and personal life.

It is important to realize time is of the essence and it doesn’t wait for anyone, but it’s priceless. Once you’ve lost it, you can never regain it.

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting alone on your bed and your Physician explained that you have about two months left to live. You would ask yourself “How did I live my life?”, “Do I have any regrets?”, “Did I accomplish all of my goals?”, “Did I find love?”

It’s impossible to answer those questions without reflecting on how you spent your time on a daily basis. The biggest regret that people have on their deathbed is that they lived the life expected of them instead of a life true to themselves.

When you become cognizant of how you spend your time and things you value the most, you become aware of the choices you make, and you spend your time differently. You will notice your life evolving and moving to the next chapter.

I have a schedule that I try to follow to make sure I balance things. Every day I have time where I devote to seeing patients at my full time job, dealing with army medical reserve (i.e. completing evaluations for soldiers). Making time for my personal, professional goals (working on opening my agency in August, researching grants, working on research proposals) and devoting some time to my relationship because I desire to have a partner to go through the good and bad on this journey we call life.

Therapist Corner: I am currently documenting what I spend my time on with journaling or writing down things on my calendar. Doing this straightforward task will significantly increase your awareness of how you spend your time.

Getting into the habit of having a weekly and monthly reflection will greatly help you spend your time on the right things. Start doing it and you’ll never regret it.

I want you to start becoming aware of how you spend your time, and what consumes your time. Having this knowledge will assist you in making better choices, regardless of who you are and whatever your goals are.

The way you spend your time is the way you spend your life. How are you spending your time?

Spending your time on things you value, there are six things you must know:
• How do I currently spend my time?
What are my goals?
• What skills and other resources do I need to achieve my goals?
• What are the specific activities that I need to make an action plan?
• How am I currently spending my time on a daily basis?
• What are the most valuable things I want to spend my time on today?
“Valuable” in this context is defined by your life-direction.

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