The Importance of Taking Time During COVID-19

Today we’re going to talk about the importance of taking time during COVID-19. It is so important for helping professionals to take time. But it’s not just healthcare professionals, but everyone during this time. While we are home let’s take advantage of being still.

The Importance of Taking Time During COVID-19

This has been a very frustrating week. I think realized something was wrong when I was forgetting the alarm code to my home. I realized I was emotionally, mentally, physically drained. I was coming home after work and going to sleep for two-three hours.

I’m learning that stillness is my therapy. At first, all this stillness can be overwhelming. But over time our minds resonate with the environment, so the more we slow down the calmer we become, and the more we appreciate the slowing down.

A busy mind has thousands of unnecessary thoughts a day, and this drains vital energy that our brains could be using for other things. A tired mind is more likely to fall victim to cognitive distortions—things we think that aren’t actually true. Intuitively we know this because when we’re exhausted, we tend to lose our temper, show less compassion, and think and say things we don’t really mean.
When we are able to spend more time resting in silence, balancing our nervous system so we’re not stuck in fight-or-flight mode, that’s when we can most effectively respond to life’s challenges.

Remember the importance of taking time during COVID-19. The link below has a recourse booklet you might enjoy. You’ll find games for the family, for yourself, recipes, tips and tricks, and more. Check out one of the recommended podcasts or try a virtual workout.

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