How much news is too much news during COVID-19?

How much news is too much news during COVID-19? We all want to stay up to date with the latest information. But sometimes that comes at a cost.

How much news is too much news during COVID-19?

Watching too much news during COVID-19 can cause extra stress or anxiety in some people. Stress and anxiety can cause both emotional and physical symptoms.

Here’s some ways to know if you’re watching too much news.

If you start to feel stress or anxiety while watching/reading the news. – This is a big indicator that you’re watching too much news. We’re in a time of worldwide pandemic and that is stress inducing on its own.

If you are struggling to log off of social media. – sometimes we can become addicted to the media, and that included social media. If you find yourself endlessly scrolling trying to stay on top of what’s going on in our world, you’re probably taking in too much.

If you don’t want to turn off the TV. – Just like with social media, you can become addicted to the news cycle. Especially on channels that play an endless loop of breaking news.

If you’re having trouble sleeping. – If you’re taking in too much information your brain may have a hard time shutting down and allowing you to sleep.

If you’re having trouble eating because of stress. – It’s important to stay physically healthy during COVID-19, and you can’t do so if you’re not eating.

Take a break and do something you enjoy. – Go for a walk! Play a board game with your family. Read a book. Anything that will take your mind off the news cycle.

Limit your news intake before bed. – Give yourself plenty of news-free time before going to bed. This will help your mind relax and sleep.

I hope this helps answer how much news is too much news during COVID-19. Make sure to take a break from the news cycle when needed.

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