What about those who may be quarantined?

What about those who may be quarantined?

What about those who may be quarantined? Is there anything they should know about coming out of quarantine as it relates to mental health?

It can be stressful to be separated from others if a healthcare provider thinks you may have been exposed to COVID-19. This is true even if you do not get sick. Therefore, you’ll probably experience a lot of emotions during quarantine. What you may not think about is that you’ll also experience a lot of emotions coming out of quarantine.

Everyone feels differently after coming out of quarantine. No one emotion is “right”. There may be some emotions you will want to seek help and support to help you process through.

There can be mixed emotions, including relief after quarantine. You might experience joy and happiness in being able to reunite with your loved one. There may be a feeling of relief that you are healthy.

You could experience fear and worry about your own health and the health of your loved ones. There may be a fear that you’ll relapse or spread COVID-19 to a loved one without realizing it.

The experience of monitoring yourself or being monitored by others for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 can cause feelings of stress. That stress can manifest as anger, which can be confusing. Try to remind yourself that your loved ones are trying to help keep this virus contained. It is not a personal attack against you.

Sadness, anger, or frustration may overwhelm you because friends or loved ones have unfounded fears of contracting the disease from contact with you, even though you have been determined not to be contagious. This is normal and it will pass. Be patient with your loved ones as they work through their own fears.

You could experience guilt about not being able to perform normal work or parenting duties during quarantine. You are doing what is best for everyone by remaining in quarantine. This is your job right now.

And remember, children may also feel upset or have other strong emotions if they, or someone they know, has been released from quarantine. Talk to your children and help them process their emotions.

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