“Be Bold America!” Interview

Last week I had the privilege to appear on “Be Bold America” with Dr. Pettis Perry and Jill Cody. We discussed the current climate of our nation as protestors are taking to the streets and the pandemic continues.

Our society is undesirable and frightening. We are experiencing a dystopian America. Great injustice abounds and large segments of the American population are suffering. This creates “Collective Trauma”.

In this interview we’ll discuss what “Collective Trauma” is and how it manifests. We’ll go over the four types of aftereffects of trauma and the treatment options available. Some of the questions we’ll answer are:

How does “Collective Trauma” impact our response to the pandemic? How did “Collective Trauma” affect the rise of white supremacy and privilege? How can understanding “Collective Trauma” assist us in reuniting America and save our democracy?

Join me in listening below.

Jill Cody from KSQD

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