Reflecting on 2023: Navigating Grief during the Holidays

As we near the end of 2023, a year filled with unexpected challenges, many of us find ourselves grappling with the weight of personal and communal losses. The approaching holiday season, traditionally synonymous with joy, brings forth a unique set of emotions, especially for those navigating the complexities of grief. A Mother’s Sadness: In a recent call with my mom, the heaviness in my mother’s voice unveiled the sad news of my uncle’s passing. Driven by an unbreakable bond, I swiftly booked a flight to be with my family. In… Read More »Reflecting on 2023: Navigating Grief during the Holidays

The wisdom of aging: Lessons over closure

I was having a candid conversation with my mother. We talked about life, relationships, and the complexities of human emotions. The topic that stood out during our talk was the idea of apologizing, forgiveness, and the elusive concept of finding closure. It was a conversation that reminded me of the universality of these experiences. As we continue to converse about apologizing, forgiveness, finding closure, why it does not matter who it is when working on your healing process, and finding closure. As I Am Getting Older, I Am Learning That Getting… Read More »The wisdom of aging: Lessons over closure

Stepping Beyond Comfort: Embracing Life’s Transformative Journey

Last night, as I found myself engrossed in research, preparing for a pivotal meeting today, I was reminded of one undeniable truth: Life is an enchanting odyssey. It often leads us down paths challenging our resolve and beckons us to venture beyond the familiar. During these moments, we truly come to understand the essence of commitment. In my journey, I’ve chosen to step out of the cocoon of comfort by volunteering for a project. This decision promises new experiences and adds substance to my academic portfolio. It’s a decision that… Read More »Stepping Beyond Comfort: Embracing Life’s Transformative Journey

Navigating the waves of grief: a personal journey

Life is a journey filled with joy, laughter, and love, but the profound experiences of loss and grief also mark it. Over the past year, my path has been shadowed by the heart-wrenching reality of loss as I bid farewell to three cherished individuals: my aunt in December, my friend and mentor in May, and my secretary and dear friend in July. These experiences have led me to reflect deeply on grief’s complex and intricate nature and the unique healing process. In this blog post, I aim to share my… Read More »Navigating the waves of grief: a personal journey

Book Reading Monday

Join us Monday, October 12th at 6pm with Riding to Read with Jaylen @ourchildrens_story! Hannah Dennis will be reading Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep!

“Be Bold America!” Interview

Last week I had the privilege to appear on “Be Bold America” with Dr. Pettis Perry and Jill Cody. We discussed the current climate of our nation as protestors are taking to the streets and the pandemic continues. Our society is undesirable and frightening. We are experiencing a dystopian America. Great injustice abounds and large segments of the American population are suffering. This creates “Collective Trauma”. In this interview we’ll discuss what “Collective Trauma” is and how it manifests. We’ll go over the four types of aftereffects of trauma and… Read More »“Be Bold America!” Interview

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