Stop holding onto people that have you on hold…..

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Blogging allows me the opportunity to relax and take a break from my normal routine. It is very stress relieving when I’m able to write about my journey. The beautiful thing about reflection is you have time to evaluate yourself and relationships. When I get stuck in a thought, a feeling, or a relationship, and I am confused about how to get unstuck, I start to evaluate myself. I take the time to observe myself without judgment or reproach. This can be a powerful tool for change. I pay attention… Read More »Stop holding onto people that have you on hold…..

Daily Inspiration

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To appreciate the balance in life, you have to lose it every now and then.

Live, Love, & Travel

On the ride back to DC on Sunday, I decided to take out my iPad to journal about the past month. February is the shortest month of the year, but it has been full of up and downs. I have experienced a full range of emotions. We are currently in the month of March and I am sure some of you have forgotten about your New Year Resolutions. Personally I needed to reevaluate my own resolutions. This month I was faced with a few challenges, but I had to remember… Read More »Live, Love, & Travel