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Life is a journey. And on that journey, we will run into challenges along the way. When this happens, we all can use the insight and support of a caring person. Here, you’ll find inspiration to help you reclaim your life. I utilize my training in psychology and social work to assist individuals with functioning at an optimal level as they transcend their challenging situations.


“Michael’s workshops are always very informative. He keeps the audience engaged the entire time with his energy. Michael provides information that one can apply and implement in their daily living/ job. Attending his classes one can feel the passion and dedication Michael has for his profession and others. I am willing to travel a far distance just to hear him present.”

Danisha Robinson, LMSW

“Thanks Michael for putting together the LGBTQ Family Clinical Issues and Treatment Issues Strategies workshop. It was a great informative and interactive workshop. It opened my eyes of the issues that are going on currently with LGBTQ, and how we can help support our clients and how we can educate the community of LGBTQ.”

Sally Robinson, MSW

Volunteer of America


“The workshop has increased my knowledge base tremendously. Dr. Gatson is an intelligent and engaging presenter. His workshops are excellent and always full of beneficial information that pushes you to grow and consider other possibilities as a practitioner.”

Angela Thomas, LMSW

“Dr. Gatson’s presentations provide in-depth insight into topics that are not only grounded in Evidence Based Theory, but are instrumental in understanding the institutionalized concepts of implementation of service delivery into practice. The pace and duration of Dr. Gatson’s presentations are great and appropriate. As a result, I have been able to set up trainings using knowledge that I learned from Dr. Gatson’s presentations. I feel more comfortable and confident using the training material that I learned, which has expanded my knowledge and consciousness. More importantly, Dr. Gatson’s ability to keep me engaged due to his warm and genuine personality was fun”.

Dr. Yolanda Burnom