Daily Inspiration

On yesterday, I was talking with one of my patients about handicaps. In my practice, I do not like anyone using the term “crazy.” We all have our own personal issues, and handicaps. On a daily basis, I am teaching my patients that our current handicaps do not define us as a person. Some handicaps are physical, mental, and emotional. Sometimes the emotional, burdens of heartache come from sad situations or an abusive past. Others may be dealing with current issues- perhaps dealing with terminal illness or grieving an irreparable loss. After a loss some people find it hard to move forward, and spend a lifetime waiting for the pain to disappear. You can spend your entire life waiting on the pain to disappear, but the loss will always be there. The pain and heartache will be present. It is important to treat it as a handicap, and within that framework go ahead and live your life. When you reach that point in your life, is when you will be able to move forward, and live your life.

Many of us are living with handicaps. Some will change over time, but others won’t. If that’s the case, stop waiting for your handicap to disappear. Instead, decide to live with it. Work around it. Treat yourself with care, with gentleness. Allow yourself to feel and experience all the limitations and emotions of your present situation. Accept them. Let them be part of you, part of your experience on this journey called life. What’s your handicap?


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