Daily inspiration

I am grateful to have a mentor/friend who is constantly supporting, and encouraging me to achieve more in life. In June, I finished my last presentation. I was excited about the success of my speaking engagements, and she replied I am so proud of you. Now it’s time to get more committee, and board experience on your CV. I replied I needed to rest before I start applying for the next thing. She replied “now is the time to build your CV and bank accounts.” Sometimes whatever we are scared to try…….your greatness could be wrapped inside. In July, I received an invitation to become a board member based on my credentials, and the work I provide in the community. This morning I received a call from the nominating committee stating that I have been selected to be a member of the board starting in October. I am learning that the motivated find a way, not excuses, and confidence is the reward of releasing worry. In one way or another, we’re all just trying to leave our version of “I Was Here” tag on the world.


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