January 2016

Are you really "Ready"

Just finished all my sessions for the day and I was thinking about the change and growth I have made over the years in my career. When I graduated from graduate school, I had the mindset of “I’m ready to help and save everyone.” After several disappointments, I learned that “Ready” is a state of being reached by commitment. Eventually, I developed the attitude of its either you want to be here or not. If you are in my office, then we have work to do. In the past, I had to explain that I do not have a problem with referring you to another therapist. If you are looking for a therapist who is willing to hear you complain and talk about everyone else issues, then I am not the therapist for you. Thoughts for today: If you are not ready for something or someone do not waste peoples time. Just accept you want different things, and move on. All relationships require time and effort. It’s a lot of work especially when you are dealing with issues you have been avoiding for years, or your entire life. Therapy is not a band aid station. If you don’t like the job requirements, then do not bother applying for the position. Before getting involved in treatment or a relationship (friends or… Read More »Are you really "Ready"