February 2016

What you give and take is the fingerprint your life makes. 

What you give and take is the fingerprint your life makes.  When I am going through something or just overwhelmed with my career, I will take the time to sit down and journal or research for my next article. It is a form of therapy as I escape from things on my mind, but the past few months I have been in a funk. My two best friends sent me several gifts during this time. In one of the packages, it was a journal and the outside was genuine leather with my initials engraved on the cover. I am not someone who likes to broadcast every high, and I don’t hide every low because of my pain, mistakes, and hurt, but I may have the potential to help someone who is going through their storm. I have been trying to live my life and find a space for healing. It is not my intent to convince the world I have a life. February is the month of love and I have received several calls and texts from friends who desire to be in a relationship or they are currently with someone, but their needs are not being met. I told one of my friends recently that she needed to be direct with her significant other about her needs. People often… Read More »What you give and take is the fingerprint your life makes. 

Losses Demand Acceptance

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This weekend I had several conversations about love and life. Last night, I received a text message stating “you have given me a lot to think about and when you speak you make so much sense to me.” The conversation made me think about a lot of things as well. Some of us may be desperately trying to recreate the life we once had. Fear, pain, and desperation won’t attract the answer we’re seeking. Desperation attracts desperation. Pain draws pain. And so the downward spiral goes. Yes, the loss hurts. Sometimes life hurt, too. But loss can’t be negotiated. Becoming obsessed with putting the pieces back into place is an understandable reaction, but it won’t work. Yesterday cannot be superimposed on today. Feel the obsession, and let it go. Feel the desperation, and then release that. Take the moments when everything seems like such a struggle to sit through them. We cannot repress emotions and truths because we don’t feel our anger and pain; those feelings will show themselves in every interaction that we have. Those unspoken feelings will be the reason we blow up, use hurtful words, and sometimes even use physical aggression. We face many losses along the way. People we love disappear from our lives; sometimes what is right isn’t right later. Sometimes timing has something better in… Read More »Losses Demand Acceptance