June 2017

Cyber bullying!!! & Time Management 

https://youtu.be/Am7JOV31ARM After watching my sister’s video, please like and share the video because it has an excellent message. It made me think about some personal things in my own life. After watching the video and reading all of the posts on social media yesterday, I thought everyone’s a critic, except the people who do stuff or when it’s their mom, sister, aunt, friend, or brother. After watching the video, I started thinking about myself. It is exquisite that individuals take the time to think about how something resonates within us. It is easier to point the blame towards someone else. Yes, we are all guilty of gossiping, bullying, or expressing our personal opinion or problems at some point, but when you learn better, you do better. I have a lot of personal opinions about various things, but when you are a licensed provider, an officer in the United States Military, and a Federal employee, you understand about respect and expressing your personal opinions on social media. I have noticed that I have limited my time on Facebook because it has started to remind me of Twitter. I stopped going on Twitter because I saw that it was starting to become real messy, and everyone was throwing shade at someone. Facebook was a place where I was able to keep in… Read More »Cyber bullying!!! & Time Management 

Smiling through all four seasons 

I have been gone for a minute now I’m back at the jump off (Jump off)….I have been focusing on a few projects. I attempt to practice what I preach on a daily basis because I do not want to seem hypocritical, or not trying to live a healthy life. One of the things I have struggled with in past relationships with family, friends, and intimate partners is dimming my light and trying to motivate, inspire, encourage, and help with the planning of their career, relationships, or self-worth. I am guilty of compromising my essence in my relationship, and I can realize that I was betraying myself. In my relationship, I found myself not discussing some of my accomplishments or achievements because I was focused on making sure my partner was successful in all endeavors. After years of learning, I have realized that when you compromise self, a part of you dies in the process. It is a feeling of unhappiness that takes place because you start to become unfulfilled. As a therapist or a helper, I think people forget that sometimes the person who attempts to help everyone needs some assistance with things on this journey we call life. If you are reading this and thinking is the therapist trying to tell me that I am in a relationship… Read More »Smiling through all four seasons