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First and foremost I would like to thank all of you who have purchased a T-shirt, or Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep or both of them.  Thank you all for taking the initiative to address the importance of mental health and reducing the stigma. As I am preparing to head home this weekend for my first two events promoting my book, I had to take a moment and reflect on the past month I have sold over 200 hundred books, and that isn’t counting numbers from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I’ve had to reorder three shipments of the t-shirt line.  I’ve been featured on Black Men in Social Work and Dr. Keith Harley site.

I am dedicated to serving, educating, and training the most vulnerable populations.  I am also committed to making the most enriching learning experiences for children, and families and hope you enjoyed reading the book as I did writing the book.  A great way to overcome the stigma is improving people’s attitude towards mental health and increasing the willingness to talk about our mental health struggles.

Your reviews are essential to me because they help as I am working on the next books in the series.  They also help to make sure I am capturing things you would like for me to discuss in regards of mental health.  So please take a moment to leave a review. I have enjoyed reading your reviews. A few reviews below:

As a mother of four and a service member, I would recommend this book to anyone struggling with PTSD or any mental illness. Michael has shared some excellent information for parents and children. I read this book twice, first by myself and then to my two sons. As kids growing up in a dual military home, they have endured deployments and long days with at least one parent gone. Always tell your children you love them even when you have a terrible day it is essential for them to know they are loved. Thank you, Mike, for sharing this story, and I hope it helps anyone struggling with PTSD or any other mental illness. It is okay to ask for help and accept it. I will now be teaching my kids that same bedtime prayer~Anonymous

Hi Mike,  Your book helped me release all the pain I was caring in my heart for over 40 years about my father. You are a Godsend, and with your writing and counseling, I know you have made a difference in family lives. You help changed mine~Anonymous

Dr. Gatson’s use of a children’s book to tackle such a tough topic is nothing short of extraordinary! Mental health issues are something that all culture’s stigmatize and many individual’s struggles with finding a way to express their thoughts and feelings and the need to seek help. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep opens the door and allows for the topic to be discussed with children at a level in which they understand, and at a pace, the parent can effectively cope. This book is thought provoking and allows the opportunity for meaningful discourse as well as a coping mechanism for those who may not have the words to express their thoughts. This will be a book that I use in my practice with veterans and civilians alike! Thanks, Dr. Doobie and I can’t wait for the next edition~Anonymous

If you have any questions concerning the book or t-shirts, please go to my website and leave me a message. Again, thank you for your purchase and support.  In celebration of Black History Month, I am offering a discount on a T-shirt, and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Place your T-shirt and include the autographed book in the shopping cart and use the discount code Black History in the discount box to receive both of them for $35.00 (including shipping). Please make sure you indicate your size and the person you want the book signed to in the order notes.

Thank you!

Michael D. Gatson (Dr. Doobie)


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