Dissertation Blues

Make sure you don’t become a servant to what you’re trying to master. Michael D. Gatson I had a conversation with a friend and mentor last night. I shared that there are a few things I’ve been trying really hard to master lately; one of those things is my dissertation. I have been asked several times when I am graduating. I will be graduating when all three of my committee members sign my dissertation as complete. I have been working on my dissertation while maintaining a full-time federal career, serving as a military officer, and traveling to teach and consult on various topics. This dissertation is something that I have given a life of its own. Somewhere deep down I have maintained a secret belief that it is too hard, too big to master and true to my own beliefs. It continues to elude me. I have never worked so hard on anything in my life as I have on this. I have never disciplined and focused myself as much as I have on this. I admit I have thought about quitting the program to focus on my career 100%. I received my paper from my committee with 346 individual comments. I am not 100% happy about all of the changes, but I am willing to do whatever to finish… Read More »Dissertation Blues