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My Tribe 

As I am sitting at my desk making a list of people that I am going to invite to my upcoming dinner party, I’m thinking about how I am grateful to have a great tribe of friends and family members who support me unconditionally. My tribe consists of individuals who have remained consistent, genuine, and loyal. The five closest people in our lives are a direct reflection of our values and integrity. They are the mirror of our choices. Everyone we include in our lives is a part of our tribe, and that tribe is greater than we can truly know. They can be the weight that has us playing small or the springboard to our evolution. Remember relationships are about giving and taking things. Does your tribe reflect your values and integrity? It is important to realize that we are not backup plans or spare tires for anyone. We need to be able to tell people “Don’t pick me because the other person is busy or not responding to your text messages. Don’t pick me because you did not have any other choices. You don’t settle for me, and I do not settle for you. We are just on the edge of being out of each other’s leagues.” Then at some point, we need to realize that sometimes we… Read More »My Tribe 

Happy Social Work Month

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On the plane en route to the conference this year, I thought this might be my last year presenting at the NASW-LA conference. I also was considering not renewing my contract with Continuing Education as a presenter. As I wrap up this week, I am deeply humbled and grateful from all the love I received during the breaks and after my presentations this week. One of my practicum supervisors from Overton Brooks VA Medical Center attended my workshop on Wednesday and Thursday. She expressed that she was extremely proud of me and my professional growth in the field. Meeting the students and reminded me of why I am doing this. It was a great feeling to receive positive feedback and students requesting to contact me about being their mentor. I am grateful for my family (Mom, Cynthia, Audria, Cyrille, Christopher, Rhani, Danisha, Meghan, & Carey) that love and supports me no matter what. It’s a great feeling to look in the crowd and see your mother smiling in excitement. This week reminded me of why I became a social worker. As I continue my professional journey, I am learning that real success comes in small portions day by day. Do you remember why you chose a certain profession? I am a social worker because I have always been a proponent… Read More »Happy Social Work Month