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Have you ever felt that you are constantly giving away your power, and how vulnerable you are to people or situations? Each of us has an unlimited supply of power available. The power to think, to feel, to take care of ourselves. The power to open our hearts, love, be gentle, honest, and kind. We each have the power to be clear and to trust and follow the guidance of our hearts.

Part of our journey to freedom, an important part,is equalizing our relationships. We may have believed that others knew a great deal more than we did, or we may have begun to believe that we had all the answers. But no one has our power.

Remember, if you give up your power or decide that someone has power over you, you’ll begin grousing, sabotaging, and doing sneaky things to equalize that relationship, to feel like you have your power. There’s another way, a better way, one that will help heal you. Put yourself on equal ground.

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